3 steps to automation

3 Steps to Automation.
1 | Design process
2 | Build workflow
3 | Publish

1 | Design Process

  • Define the steps you need to take to achieve your process.
  • Do you need to check with legal before sending out an NDA? This should typically be done if they are located outside of the UK and are therefore a higher security risk.
  • If we do need to check with our legal guys, then we send them the company details and wait for them to say it’s ok.
  • If we don’t need to check with legal, then we open up Word and find the NDA template.
  • Then, we cut and paste the details into the template. If we need the contractors’ clause put it in- or if the NDA is for international use- make appropriate adjustments to the document.
  • Once we’ve built the document, we save it and email a copy as a PDF to the other party to be signed.

2 | Build AUTTO

Begin with a START action and add a form to collect information for the NDA
Use a Condition action to decide if the request is sent to the Legal Department
Edit the NDA template in Word adding conditions and data - making an AuttoDoc

3 | Publish

Once you’re happy with your workflow – we’ll call it an AUTTO from now on – you can preview, publish, and test it. When you publish the AUTTO, you can decide to make it:

  • Invitation Required – if you need to secure it
  • Registration Required – to know who has used the AUTTO
  • Public – so anyone can use it (there are Terms if we need them)

In this example, the NDA is for private use, so let’s make it ‘invitation required.”

Once the AUTTO is published, it can be accessed with the AUTTO address. The AUTTO can be completely customised to match a company brand.


Setup an account to build your first AUTTO.